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Graphic Design & Logo Design

Graphic design and logo design are some of the most powerful tools of marketing. These two things are very important in selling our brands. They help enhance communication between companies and their clients. Therefore, it is vital that every company has high-quality graphic design and logo design. If you are looking for a graphic design company, do not look further. At Design by Ingle, we strive to enhance your brand by offering you expert and unmatched graphic design and logo design companies.





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Graphic Design

One of the best ways to gain a competitive edge over your competitors is through graphic design. Most companies being in industries that are already saturated, having great graphic design will help them stand out from the rest. This is by helping you communicate to your target market effectively. If you are in need of superior graphic design, do not hesitate calling us.

Graphic Design & Logo Design


Logo Design

A company logo will represent what the company does and what it is all about. A logo is what is left in people’s minds when they cannot remember your message. This is especially when it is consistently used along with other company messages. A company logo is also very instrumental in building the company brand. We design professional logos for small, medium and even large companies.


Freelance Graphic Design

There is numerous benefits associated with hiring a freelance graphic designer. First, a company is able to access the services of a reputable company, at a very affordable cost. Additionally, a freelancer graphic designer will be more dedicated to beating deadlines. This is because, they more work they accomplish, the more they get paid. Freelancers will be willing to work odd hours. This is very convenient for the company, as they can achieve their graphic design service without having to interrupt their business. If you need freelancing graphic design services, Design by Ingle is the best company to work with.


Our Graphic and logo Design Process


Client Acquaintance

The first thing we do when working with a company is getting to know them. We try to understand their products or services, their vision and mission, and even their processes. This way we are able to give professional freelance design services customized to fit the needs of each company.




The second step is the actual designing. After we have gathered enough information on what the client wants, we now start designing the logo or graphics.

Advertising Designer



After completing the design, we will assess our work for any mistakes. We believe in perfection and this is exactly what this process is aimed at.



After we are sure that the logo or graphic design is perfect, we will release it to the client. This enables us to always achieve customer satisfaction.


Why Choose Us?



Our graphic artist services are very reliable. We work at all hours, even on weekends, holidays and during odd hours. This is at no extra cost at all. If you need us to work at such odd times, all you need is order our graphic freelance services.



Our graphic and logo designs rates are very competitive. We offer our services at very affordable services. Additionally, we are able to provide you with a quote when you ask for our services. Having a preset price guarantees you that you will not incur additional costs.


Customer Satisfaction

Our happiness is only arrived at after our clients are fully satisfied. We offer quality services, engaging our customers all steps of the way.


Tailored Services

No single graphic or logo design service is similar with any other. All our services are structured to suit the needs of our different clients.